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I would love to introduce to you my NEW Book which is called

Eat Live Feel Well

Available on


Choose your Country e.g. Germany on the prices for shipment are lower.

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All About Eat Live Feel well

This is my book. My first book and it is about GLUTEN FREE recipes, the most beautiful city called PRAGUE and my passion which is YOGA.

If you like I would like to take you with me around Prague and I will show you where we locals go. Not the tourist places as such. Parts of Prague which are very nice, however, little bit hidden. 

And, of course, I would also love to practice Yoga with you. Some nice posture we can do together. Last but not least I have selected for you 77 Gluten Free recipes. And all of them are quite simple and ready in few minutes, besides the Sourdough. This takes time. 

You can flip through the book together with me in my Video below. Enjoy!

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